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Handicrafts from the master Aleinik N.I.
About artisan
Hello dear friends! My name is Natalia, I am a craftsman.
For several years now I have been embroidering ribbons, painting dishes and beadwork.
What once was a hobby has become something big and significant in my life and in the life of my family. Here you can get acquainted with my embroidery technique, admire the finished work, choose a gift for yourself and your loved ones. If someone liked my work, they can be ordered.
My email: gruscheckaja070276@gmail.com
My phone: +375 (29) 655-93-61
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Product Categories
Gift Ideas
Embroidery paintings ribbons
This technique is not in vain called fantasy. You can embody in it any own plan, especially since the technique itself is conducive to creativity. In my work I use silk and satin ribbons, velvet and organza ribbons are also suitable. The more various materials to use in embroidery, the more interesting and original the embroidered product will be. However, see for yourself.
Painting utensils
From any utensils (old and new), planks, bottles or crafts, you can make something beautiful and original. As a basis, I usually take white or glass dishes. I am engaged in simple and voluminous decoupage, spot painting, I make craquelure on any surface, I really like marmorizing and gilding. Any drawing and flower, time of year, animal or bird, any theme for the most demanding customer can be captured on a simple plate or cup that you use everywhere.
The richest color scheme of beads, unlimited possibilities of modeling products from beads can fulfill any dream, even the most capricious customer. Jewelry, souvenirs, figurines, flowers, trees and much more can be made from beads. Meet my works, large and small, complex and simple, as a gift for any holiday of the year to your family and friends.
Gift Ideas
This section presents crafts that you can use as gifts for yourself, your loved ones, your loved ones and relatives. Birthday, anniversary, New Year, February 23, March 8, any day of the calendar, and you with an original gift that no one else has.
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